Why Offer Reserve And Collect? in Ecommerce

Why Offer Reserve And Collect? in Ecommerce

Because it works

Retailers that have adopted it are driving a significant proportion of sales by using click and collect.

Argos is the original success story for reserve and collect, having launched its own service more than ten years ago. ’Check and Reserve’ accounted for 29% of Argos’ £819m sales in Q1 2012.

Its business model lent itself perfectly with reserve and collect, and it perhaps had fewer challenges than some to implement the service, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for others.

Halfords introduced a click and collect service, and now 86% of all its online sales are for in-store collection.

It fits with consumer behaviour

Large numbers of consumers research online with the intention of heading to the high street to eventually make the purchase. For example, more than a third of Homebase customers fit into this pattern.

By providing click and collect, retailers are ensuring that, if a customer hits their site to research products, they can ‘lock them in’ for the offline purchase by making sure a product is there for them to collect in the store.

It saves time for consumers

It’s a busy world, and if you can save customers some time and thus make their lives easier, they’ll appreciate it.

Reserving products for them means they needn’t go from shop to shop looking for a copy of the latest games console, gadget, or whatever. They can just head to your store and pick it up.

The potential for cross selling

Reserve and collect can drive footfall into your store, and this brings with it the potential to add incremental sales to the original reservation.

Let’s say a customer has reserved an iPad. While they’re picking this up, they may see a case they like, or useful add-ons like keyboards and headphones.

It helps to give multichannel retailers an edge Reserve and collect is one tactic that pureplays like Amazon don’t have. Perhaps it’s inconvenient to wait in for a home delivery, or you would rather get the item sooner.

It can appeal to the ‘want it now’ mentality. Rather than waiting for delivery from Amazon, you can reserve and collect in store that day.

Written by imkits