How To Promote Your Blog in Business Blogging
  • January 18, 2014
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How To Promote Your Blog in Business Blogging

There are thousands of blogs out there. If you are convinced that yours should stand out from the rest, you should do the necessary work to promote it. promotion drives more traffic to your blog, increases your visibility, and helps to establish you as an authority in your niche.

A blog is much easier to promote if it has been optimized for success. For instance, you need to be using compelling titles and images. You should also make it easy for your readers to spread blog posts across their networks. Let’s look at the different ways in which you can gain exposure for your blog.

1  Find Bloggers

A great starting point for promoting your blog is to leverage your existing connections and create new relationships. Reach out to influential bloggers in your industry and attract their attention through mentions on your blog and social media. Your goal here is to create an opportunity for them to share your blog posts across their network. what is more, you can create link-building opportunities that will prove essential in the accumulation of inbound links and how your blog posts rank in search engines.

2  Social Media Sharing

In this ebook, we already mentioned the connection between business blogging and social media sharing. this is definitely an essential dynamic for the promotion of your content. Just about every blog now has social sharing buttons to make it as easy as possible for visitors to share your content.

Whenever you publish a new blog post, you should automatically publish it to the main social networks: twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. the most popular locations for buttons are above the content, below the content, or to the left of the content.

3  website Banners

we cannot emphasize enough the power of calls-to-actionin driving traffic to your blog. consider placing calls-to-action on different pages of your website, such as your home page and About Uscompany page. carefully craft the language for the call-to-action. For instance, you can emphasize the number of people who are already subscribed to your blog and use a call-to-action along the lines of “45,000 people already receive our new blog posts via email. Join them today!”

 4  Events & presentations

If you are at an event and giving a presentation on a specific topic, you can refer the audience to your blog for further information. You can use a QR code (a mobile-scannable barcode) to allow people to quickly and easily subscribe to your blog.

5  Email Signatures

Your blog most likely covers a range of topics, all tailored to your marketing persona(s). so whenever you send an email, you can link to the awesome resources located on your blog. Email signatures can drive a surprisingly high amount of traffic to your blog.

6  Run a Contest 

consider running a contest on your blog to attract more attention to it. come up with an entry system that requires other bloggers to link back to you. You can either have them publish a post on their blog, retweet a post from your blog, or ‘like’ your Facebook fan page in order to be eligible. Any one of these methods is sure to help expand your blog’s reach and attract new visitors.

7  Blog Directories

blog directories present another opportunity for promoting your blog legally. there are hundreds of free blog directories out there. You’ll want to make sure to submit your blog to at least the top 25-50 directories available. this can help you get more traffic and help with rankings as well because it creates inbound links to your blog.

 8  Create a Video

create a short video to describe what your blog covers and what its mission is. then, publish the video to YouTube and allow a different audience to find it. You can also create a controversial or funny video that links to the blog.

Written by imkits