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Lauching Your Global  Website

Lauching Your Global Website

1  Use Country Extension... or  redirect them If you have the resources, build language- or country-specific sites at each respective domain extension (, .ie, .nz, etc). Refer to tip #2 if you’re worried about duplicate content. If you’d prefer not to have separate domains for each target country or language, buy the domain extension and redirect it to a subdirectory,…
Tips For Improving Drop-Down Usability in Ecommerce

Tips For Improving Drop-Down Usability in Ecommerce

1.   Use clear headings  One of the main reasons for using a mega menu is to present a large range of links in related sets. To show users which links fall into related sets you can use headings to group them together.  2.  Use columns  Most sites already group related sets into their own columns and often use a single…